9/30-10/15 Sensational Ways to Play Design in “Sound of Design”

凡於 9 月 30 日至 10 月 15 日入住玩味旅舍的客人,即可享有免費展覽票券兩張!

The guests who stay in Play Design Hotel during exhibition “Sound of Design” from September 30 to October 15 will get 2 free exhibition tickets!


初秋涼風,我們將為您推薦一檔特別的「聲音」展,9 月 30 日至 10 月 15 日於華山 1914 創意園區舉行的「聽見設計展」。

In the cool breeze of autumn, we introduce you a new sensational way to enjoy design style. The special exhibition “Sound of Design” will be held at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, from September 30 to October 15.

如果一個品牌欲推出音樂產品,除了 CD 還有什麼想像?「聽見設計展」將音樂結合品牌、商品、設計等元素,邀集 #nude、Design Butik、Eye Candle、Sense30、琅茶五個品牌,在食衣住行等生活面向中,讓你體會音樂的各種可能。展前,主辦單位也公開徵件,尋找音樂人為品牌量身打造音樂,主辦方則從設計的角度為品牌搭配挑選音樂。

If a design brand wants to launch a music product, what to imagine beyond the form of CD? “Sound of Design” combines various elements of music, product, and design, invites five local brands— #nude, Design Butik, Eye Candle, Sense30, and Wolf Tea—to show you all kinds of ways to experience music in every aspects of daily life. Before the exhibition, the organizers also held “call for entry” to tailor each brand an exclusive music work. The organizers have matched each brand with apposite music work from the perspective of design.

/ / 五大風格展區


音樂關鍵字:輕快、慵懶、優雅 / Relax, Lazy, Elegant


#Nude” is a “fashion concept store from Taipei,” it advocates the idea that “woman’s calm atmosphere generates from undressing the excessive dressing.” It hopes to cultivate the authentic beauty with simple clothing to set off the female temperament, and let women be true to themselves genuinely and elegantly.

【與生俱來的簡約時尚:#nude feat. 黃富彥】

此次展覽將打造出最符合 #nude 精神的更衣空間,結合黃富彥的《 Grayscale 》一曲,用聲音將聽眾帶入一個夢幻空間,隨著時間流動感受沈穩內斂的氣質,享受與自我對話的精神昇華,營造專屬女孩的空間聲音。

Innately Simple and Fashionable: #nude feat. Huang Fu-yan

This exhibition will create a dressing space most consistent with #nude spirit. Combined with Huang Fu-yan’s “Grayscale,” it will lead the audience into a dream space with the sound, and flow with time to feel the calm and introverted temperament, to enjoy the spiritual sublimation from self-dialogue, and to create the exclusive space sound for girls.

Design Butik

音樂關鍵字:舒適、溫度、明快 / Comfort, Warm, Lively

「butik」是丹麥文「store」之意。Design Butik 是新型態 lifestyle 的設計商店,希望提供民眾一個體驗北歐生活型態的空間情境,希望藉由設計,與每位賓客分享生活的喜悅,創造令人感動的能量,讓每日看似平凡的生活變得不平凡。

“Butik” means “store” in Danish. “Design Butik” is a new lifestyle shop designed to provide people with a sense of the Nordic lifestyle. It seeks to share the joy of life with each guest with design, creating an impressive amount of daily energy to transform the seemingly ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

【北歐簡約設計生活:Design Batik feat. 吳子齊】

吳子齊的《Fashion Grooving》以明快的節奏和迷幻的音色表達出生活的喜悅,讓人聽了不禁在充滿電氣感的曲子中跟著律動搖擺!不只讓你一睹北歐最新生活型態,也聽見異國風的家居品味!

Nordic Simple Design Lifestyle: Design Batik feat. Wu Zi-qi

Wu Zi-qi’s “Fashion Grooving” expresses the rhythm and joy of life with bright rhythm and psychedelic sound, which makes people irresistibly swing with the music full of electrical sense! It not only lets you see the latest Nordic lifestyle, but also hear the exotic home style!

Eye Candle

音樂關鍵字:傳統與現代結合、層次、節奏感 / Modern & Tradition, Layer, Grooving

有別市面上的容器香氛蠟燭,Eye Candle 以造型和顏色做為設計的出發點,製造出各式有趣的造型香氛蠟燭。對他們而言蠟燭不僅僅是只有照明、香氛舒壓的功用,它也是一個家飾、一種生活品味的呈現。 Differs from various types of container fragrance candles, “Eye Candle” takes shape and color as the starting point for design, creates a variety of fragrance candles with interesting shapes. For them, the candle does not only function as lighting or fragrance for releasing pressure, it is also a furnishing item, and represents a taste of life.

點亮生活的藝術品:Eye Candle feat. Dipper】

Dipper 《You Never Leave》使用大量實驗性、充滿電子元素的聲響,用層次創造了極具魅力的氛圍;「Eye Candle」則以人氣最高的金魚造型蠟燭,打造一個奇幻迷人又真實美麗的眩目空間,讓大家用聽覺、嗅覺、視覺一同體會新生活品味。

An Art Piece for the Bright Life: Eye Candle feat. Dipper

Dipper’s “You Never Leave” engages with profound experimental, electronic sound, an creates a very attractive atmosphere with different layers. On the other hand, Eye Candle creates a fantastic, charming, beautiful, and dazzling space with the most popular goldfish candle. They invite everyone to enjoy the new taste of lifestyle with hearing, smell, visual experience.


音樂關鍵字:輕鬆、復古、浪漫 / Relax, Vintage, Romantic

「Sense 30 Project」販售的商品是「單車」,販售的數量是「三十」,販售的目的是「品味」。以復古優雅的紳士 Lug 鋼管車為藍本,宛如時尚界高級訂製服一般,替單車族打造有品味、個性化的『訂製車』。

“Sense 30 Project” sells exclusively themed goods “bicycle,” the amount of the items in “30,” and for the purpose of “taste.” Like the Haute Couture in fashion industry, “Sense 30 Project” creates tasteful, personalized “custom-built bicycles” for cyclists, modeled with the elegant retro lugged steel frame.

【復古迷人的紳士風:Sense 30 feat. Gar Francis】

Gar Francis 《 Back in 1985 》以鄉村搖滾的曲式,表達了復古紳士的浪漫、熱情,從歌曲到空間,希望讓大家感受到 Sense 30 對生活美感堅持的浪漫,完美呈現復古迷人的紳士態度。

Retro and Charming Gentleman’s Style: Sense 30 feat. Gar Francis

Gar Francis’s “Back in 1985” presents the retro gentleman’s romance, enthusiasm with country rock music. From the song to the space, we hope to let everyone feel Sense 30’s romantic dedication to the aesthetic sense of life, and the perfect rendition of charming gentleman attitude.

琅茶 Wolf Tea

音樂關鍵字:空間感、文化要素、創造性 / Ambience, Cultural, Creative

琅茶想把台灣茶細膩之美,傳遞給全世界,隨季節評選上質茶園在最適天氣時辰,由優秀茶師採製的「單品茶」— 不混茶、不調味,相信唯有如此才能真切感受每片台灣山林「此刻此地・獨一無二」的純粹美好。

Lang Tea wants to bring the delicate beauty of Taiwan tea to the whole world. With the selection of the best quality tea in the season, the “single origin tea” is produced by the excellent tea manufacturers, without being mixed or seasoned. Only then can we truly feel each expanse of Taiwan forest with the pure beauty of “here and now, one and the only.”

【琅琅上口的好茶:琅茶 feat. 吳定弦】

吳定弦創作了《 Meditation 冥想 》 ,使用古典優雅的國樂配器,並置入些許合成器的音色在平靜而遼闊的空間中,細膩的編排突顯出文化的質感。「琅茶」策劃一場茶席交響樂,結合視覺、味覺和聽覺,歡迎一起用音樂來品茶!

The Catchy Taste of Tea: Lang Tea feat. Wu Ding-xian

Wu Ding-xian created “Meditation” with classical and elegant traditional Chinese music orchestration with a little synthesizer sound, to highlight the cultural texture with delicate arrangement in a calm and vast space. Lang Tea prepared a tea symphony, combined with visual, taste and hearing. Welcome to enjoy the great tea with music!

/ / 當你走進展場,將聽見屬於這個空間最適合的音樂、在不同的角落發現聽覺的驚喜;或巧遇一個特別的現場演出,利用不同載具、不同形式的傳播,讓人與音樂相遇,感受音樂為空間打造的氛圍。

When you walk into the exhibition, you will hear the music best match for the space, and explore auditory surprises in different corners. You will encounter a special live performance, which uses different vehicles, different forms of communication to make connection between people and music, to feel the unique atmosphere that music creates for the space.

本展由音樂授權平台 AddMusic 加點音樂與數位音樂資訊平台 Digilog 類比動態聯合主辦。「聽見設計展」的創辦人也是加點音樂成員的蔡易成表示,他們也將這樣概念置入展覽,與擅長製造互動裝置的 Digilog 合作,展中將有各式精心策劃的聲音裝置讓觀展者輕鬆聽見設計。不管是互動程式、聲音設計、互動感測技術、裝置系統,結合科技與創意,希望大家去重視城市的聲音。試試看,打開耳朵逛設計展,聽見物的聲音。

The exhibition is co-sponsored by the music authorization platform “AddMusic” and sound lab “Digilog.” Cai Yi-cheng, one of the founders of “Sound of Design” and a member of AddMusic, they co-operate with Digilog to elaborate sound installation that enables visitors “hear” design in casual surroundings. Whether by interactive programming, sound design, interactive sensing technology, or device system, the combination of technology and creativity seeks to bring the sound of city to people’s attention. We encourage you to engage the exhibition with your ears, to hear the sound of objects.


展覽資訊 / Exhibition Information


9 / 30 - 10 / 15 ( 9 / 30 僅開放 VIP 入場)

週一 ~ 週日 11 am — 6 pm

華山 1914 文創產業園區 4A 館

台北市中正區八德路一段 1 號


Sound of Design

September 30 to October 15.

Mon-Sun 11:00-18:00

Huashan Creative Park, Building 4A

No. 1, Bade Road Sec. 1, Zhong Zhen District, Taipei

Ticket info: http://www.sound-of-design.com/ticket

Contact: info@addcreative.biz


+886 2 2555.5930