Free Tickets to 2016 Taiwan Designers’ Week!

凡於 9 月 23 日至 10 月 2 日入住玩味旅舍的客人,即可享有免費展覽票券兩張!

The guests who stay in Play Design Hotel during Taiwan Designers' Week from September 23 to October 2 will get 2 free exhibition tickets!

台灣設計師週十週年! 玩味旅舍與您一起見證設計影響力!

9/23-10/2 2016 Taiwan Designers’ Week: Join Us to Witness Design’s IMPACT

台灣設計師週今年迎來第十週年,將於 9 月 23 日至 10 月 2 日,在臺北松山文創園區隆重登場。2016 台灣設計師週以「影響力」(Impact)為題,凸顯設計已不僅是一個產品,而是設計師對外拋出的一道力量,是一股在人與人之間、在生活的細節、在社會上尋找改變契機的動能。透過投入生活中的設計能量,帶動周遭事物的對話互動,進一步對彼此產生影響,迸發更多反饋及想像。設計不會在產出後便停止,而會持續發揮影響力,創造更多正向「影響力」。

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Taiwan Designers’ Week (hereafter: TWDW). This year’s TWDW will kick off on September 23 at Taipei Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, with the exhibition ends on October 2. The theme of the year will be “IMPACT,” highlighting the design could be not only a product, but a force comes out from designers. It’s an agency between humans, within the details of life, and in searching for an opportunity to change in the society. Through investing design energy into our daily, it initiates interaction and dialogue and further brings impact on each other, stimulates more feedback and imagination. Design does not end with its being made, but will continue to exert its influence to create more positive “impact.”

本年度設計師週首度策劃「 Country Focus 年度主題國家」展區,邀請以色列設計師 Itay Ohaly 擔任策展人,和頂尖設計學院 HIT(霍隆理工學院)畢業的優秀設計師合作,期能帶領民眾體驗以色列的設計與文化本質。另設重點展區如:大會主題展「recollect-溯」,回顧歷年數千件設計師參展作品、集結 87 位台灣設計師超過100件的作品,是進一步認識台灣設計不可錯過的展區;以鼓勵閱讀為主軸的「讀設計 DESIGN KNOWLEDGE」,則打破以往書店形態,邀請 18 位各領域專家,推薦設計好書給台灣的設計愛好者;備受矚目的設計徵件企劃「設計星勢力 Rising Star」,反映的是台灣設計新起之秀對於物件、人與環境設計思考的脈絡;「3×3 Design Show 設計產業形象展」展出的 54 家國內外品牌中,新品牌佔比為 64%,創下十年來新高,各家品牌更為了響應第十週年,將推出展場限定的優惠活動。另外還有「設計論壇」、「設計沙龍」、「設計工作坊」、「設計開放日」、「城市設計串聯」、「逛設計」、「買設計」等重點活動,讓您與設計師面對面互動、一窺孕育設計作品的工作室與城市空間、最後更能帶回由您親身體驗後的設計商品。

This year’s TWDW launched a brand new project “COUNTRY FOCUS,” curated by Israeli industrial designer Itay Ohaly in collaboration with Holon Institute of Technology, which brings a precious opportunity for audience to learn about the context of modern Israeli design. Other crucial exhibitions including: “RECOLLECT,” which traces back thousands pieces of Taiwan designers’ works in the past decade, creates an important platform for people to access the history of Taiwan design; “DESIGN KNOWLEDGE” presents some selections of design books, escalating the depth and breadth of design consciousness, even approach to design thinking in our daily life; “RISING STAR” offers a platform for everyone to show his/her talent, with no restrictions on backgrounds and age, so as to encourage and create greater potential on design; “3X3 DESIGN SHOW” assembles 54 domestic and international design teams, brands and organizations, in which new brands occupy 64% of total, and with various brands design exclusive discount offer for the exhibition. There are also various profound events like “Let’s Talk Design,” “design salon,” “Design Workshop,” “Open Day,” “Design Link,” and “Go Design,” provide audience the opportunity to interact with the designers, visit the studios and urban space that gave birth to a glimpse of design works, and finally bring your design experience and design product back home.

以上各個展區與活動都是認識台灣設計的絕佳管道,也是玩味旅舍每年期待參與的重點活動。雖然玩味已與超過 100 個設計師品牌成為合作夥伴,但台灣設計師週向來是台灣新銳設計師曝光的最重要舞台,因此也成為玩味每年朝聖選品的重要展覽盛會。今年的展期亦有相當令人期待的作品,例如林昀廷以植物纖維製成、可回收分解的「纖維木器」,或像是林碩德、孔繁瑋以水的型態賦予時間具象的感受作品「時間的風景」,都希望在展後有機會成為玩味新入選品牌,讓大家在房間也可以親身體驗到這些新銳作品。我們誠摯邀請您一起見證台灣設計師週、與台灣設計十年來凝聚的「影響力」! Each of the exhibitions and activities above are the best ways to understand Taiwan Design, they are what Play Design Hotel enthusiastically expects to engage in each year. Although Play Design Hotel has partnerships with more than 100 designer brands, TWDW has always been the most important stage for Taiwan’s cutting-edge designers, it has also become an important annual exhibition for us to select design products. This year’s Rising Star also presents us quite exciting works, such as Lin Yun-ting’s “The Fibrewood Objects” and Lin Shuo-der and Kong Fan-wei’s “Timescape” are the brilliant works that we hope to recruit to our designer’s brand list, and provide our guests the opportunity to experience these design works in near future. In short, we sincerely invite you to witness the “Impact” emerged from TWDW and Taiwan Design in this remarkable moment.


展覽資訊 / Exhibition Information

2016 台灣設計師週

9/23(五) – 10.2(日)

週日至週四 10:00-18:00 ( 17:30 停止入場)

週五至週六 10:00-20:00 ( 19:30 停止入場)

台北松山文創園區 北向製菸工廠、4號、5號倉庫

(11072 臺北市信義區光復南路 133 號)

Taiwan Designer’s Week

Septermber 23 to Octorber 2, 2016

Sunday to Thursday 10:00-18:00 (Last entry time: 17:30)

Friday and Saturday 10:00-20:00 (Last entry time: 19:30)

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 11072, Taiwan

+886 2 2555.5930