Play Design Hotel Won the 2016 Innovation by Design Awards

We are excited to share the amazing news with you: Play Design Hotel has received an Honorable Mention in the User Experience category in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards!

美國新創商業網站 Fast Company 已遴選出 2016 年創新設計獎得主(Innovation By Design Awards),玩味旅舍獲選「使用者體驗」類別的榮譽獎!

Innovation By Design is the only competition to honor creative projects at the intersection of design, business, and innovation. It aims at highlighting the industry’s best work to elevate the industry as a whole. It recruited an all-star jury across designers, architects, executives, and venture capitalists from companies such as Google, Ideo, Pentagram, Airbnb, IBM, Microsoft, Wolff Olins, Snøhetta, Khosla Ventures, and others. They work with Fast Company editors to select finalists and winners in 11 categories. Entries are judged on the key ingredients of innovation: functionality, originality, beauty, sustainability, depth of user insight, cultural impact, and business impact.

創新設計獎(Innovation By Design, IBD)是全球目前唯一融合設計、商業和創新的比賽獎項;該獎項試圖透過引介業界最好的作品來提升行業整體的發展。IBD為了達成此目標,招募了一支全明星評審團隊:組成包含來自 Google、Ideo、Pentagram、Airbnb、IBM、Microsoft 等知名團隊的的設計師、架構師、管理階層和創投公司。這些評審與 Fast Company 的編輯合作,從11個參賽類別中裁定決選名單和優勝者。參賽作品勝出的關鍵包含以下的創新因素:功能性、原創性、美感、永續性,以及使用者體驗、文化影響和事業影響的深度。

Year by year, the IBD Awards have grown. This year’s entries represented an astonishingly strong survey of innovation around the globe—over 1,700 designs. There were only 15 winners anointed in the entire competition; it also crowned about 231 finalists. The Play Design Hotel has been awarded Honorable Mention for User Experience, for it was created to help independent Taiwanese designers find a larger international market. The hotel’s rooms are furnished using the designs of locals--visitors can stay in pre-curated rooms, or design a room themselves. This creates a truly unique experience for buyers, who can use the designs before purchasing, and acts as an incubator for designers, who can get real user feedback on their work.

每年「創新設計獎」的參賽質量都在逐步增長。而今年來自 41 個國家、共計 1,700 件的參賽作品更代表了全球驚人的創新發展。最後 IBD 評審團隊遴選出 15 組優勝作品以及 231 組決選作品。玩味旅舍則在「使用者體驗」(User Experience)這個項目獲選「榮譽獎」(Honorable Mention),IBD 評審團認可玩味旅舍的創立是為了協助台灣獨立設計師找到一個更大的國際舞台。旅舍的客房皆以台灣在地設計作品佈置,旅客可以入住由玩味旅舍提前策展的房間,或者設計自己的房間。這為設計採購提供了獨一無二的體驗,在購買前能先實際體驗設計產品。同時亦提供設計師一個養分平台,讓他們的作品得到實質的使用者回饋。

Each of those projects represent what's best about design today: Big ideas, meticulously thought-out details, and a clear viewpoint about how we live now—and how it could be better. Finalists will appear in the October issue of Fast Company magazine (circulation 725,000) and on Co.Design (4.2 million visits per month). Winners will be celebrated at Fast Company's Innovation Festival this November, and receive a complimentary pass. And both winners and finalists will be listed in an online directory of the world’s best design-driven companies.

IBD 肯定每組作品都代表了當今最好的設計,具備極佳的創意點子、深思熟慮的細節、以明確的觀點展現我們當今如何生活、以及如何可以生活得更好。此次比賽的決選入圍作品將獲刊於 Fast Company 的雜誌(發行量 725,000)十月號和 Co.Design 網站(每月 420 萬的訪問量)。優勝者將獲邀出席今年十一月 Fast Company 的創新科技節。最後,優勝者和決選入圍作品也將名列世界最佳設計公司的線上名冊。

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