8/9 A Chinese Valentine’s Special:Meet the design of Eighty-Eightea and Yenchenyawen in the room!

Meet the design of Eighty-Eightea and Yenchenyawen in the room!

七夕住房限定!八拾捌茶玫瑰烏龍+Yenchen & Yawen設計燭台與您相遇玩味旅舍

On August 9th, you will not only taste a rose oolong tea, but enjoy romance with candle lights in Play Design Hotel. Rose Oolong Tea is a new product made by indigenous tea brand - Eighty-Eightea. The tea was made out of organic litchi rose raising by natural clean water in Puli and Four Season Oolong in Mingjian of Nantou. Through antique scenting techniques, the sweetness of litchi was gently blended into the tea. Lodgers on August 9th will receive a cold brew tea and a can of rose oolong tea leaves as gifts for Chinese Valentine’s Day.

來晚與眾不同的七夕夜? 玩味旅舍此次精選八拾捌茶的玫瑰烏龍,與Yenchen & Yawen Design的Tealight燭台, 用這兩款台灣設計品牌,營造出玩味獨有的七夕氣氛。八拾捌茶的玫瑰烏龍,精選埔里好水孕育出的有機荔枝玫瑰 ,與南投名間的四季春烏龍, 透過遵古的窨製技術,將荔枝般的甜蜜沈浸在溫順茶湯中,淡雅的玫瑰餘韻在肺腑迴盪,在舌尖感受到玫瑰與烏龍的醇香。 七夕當天入住的房客,除了可以品嘗到新鮮冷泡的玫瑰烏龍茶,玩味還特別準備了一罐玫瑰烏龍茶葉送給您。

When mentioning decorative items for Chinese Valentine’s Day, a candlelight is a must-have. This time we select and showcase the tea light holder designed by Yenchen & Yawen design studio to accommodate the lodgers. The tea light holderwas made of Jesmonite – a water based acrylic resin that consists of gypsum and marble particles which give the material a satin, marble-like surface. The colour of the product originates from different oxidised metal particles casted with in the resin.The tea light holder collection covers up a wide range of techniques which each showcase its uniqueness and individuality.

七夕當然少不了燭光輝映, 旅英台灣設計品牌Yenchen & Yawen Design的Tealight燭台系列, 以獨特工法將水性樹脂混入雲母與大理石粉末, 除了打造出擁有陶瓷般的細緻質感,每件作品更會隨著時間而的自然氧化,產生獨一無二的顏色及質感,值得您細細玩味。

Welcome to Play Design Hotel experiencing the night with rose flavored tea under the candlelight…

☛ Eighty-Eightea official website / 八拾捌茶官網 : http://eightyeightea.com

☛ Yenchen & Yawen design studio : http://yenchenyawen.com

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