2016/7/1 - 9/30 Summer gift #2 Taiwan Fruit Beers

Looking for fun ways to beat the heat?

This summer, Play Design Hotel invited everyone to drink the freshly brewed TAIWAN BEER with fruit flavours added and discover how design can be interpreted in the rooms with our selections !!


Sometimes innovation is about creating new value based on the past presence. Like Taiwan Beer, a century-old brand, changed its brew fortified with juice of locally grown fruit in order to increase its appeal on younger consumers; Play Design Hotel was actually transformed from the 38-year-old He-Tai Hotel (和泰大飯店), which makes international travelers have an opportunity to experience the “spirit” of the place by walking on the unmasked concrete floor and at the same time getting involved in the great Taiwan designs.


Let’s take a look at the three design works matching your beer :

- ‘Fruit and Vegetable Peels Cup’ designed by HNH which people can find the visual affection to the body of cup and easily realize that Taiwan is known as the “fruit kingdom” .

- ‘RIVER - Pure Tin Straight Glass’ designed by Woo Collective. The designer crafts products with Tin, a non-toxic metal that has been recognized to make the wine finer.

- “House Opener” designed by Studio Kanari is a bottle opener that brings beauty as well as functionality to your dining table.

玩味現場還有許多與啤酒很match的設計師作品,像是「黑生起司 HNH」的果皮杯系列,以台灣水果王國為意象設計出有著細緻果皮紋路的杯款,拿起鳳梨果皮杯暢飲鳳梨台啤,實在是超搭!而「物 Woo Collective」的荒川純錫烈酒杯,設計師利用純錫可去除酒中苦味的特性,手工打造出這款佐酒神器。「Studio Kanari」的 House 開瓶器,讓喝啤酒必備的開瓶器,變身成美麗的桌上擺飾。

Look forward to giving it a try?


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