2016/6/9 Happy Dragon Boat Festival !

How do you celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival?


In order to greet our guests from Shanghai (they booked our five rooms at a time !!), we combined the Taiwanese design work, ‘Culture Placement’ plate designed by Localware with the fresh fruit zong-zi (粽子) made from Cafefan Bakery. The guests can truly celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, one of the most important traditional festivals in China and get inspired with Taiwan‘s design energy !

今年端午,玩味把 Localware 俗器的“文化置入”設計瓷盤與 咖芳工作室 的水果冰Q粽結合,讓來自上海的客人們 ( 他們把玩味五間房全包下了!),不僅能在異地感受過節氣氛,也體驗了台灣蓬勃的創意設計能量。

With the concept of aesthetic conflicts between contemporary technology and traditional culture, the plate cleverly integrates commercial logos as a totem into the classic porcelain; the fresh fruit zong-zi is actually the sweet Mochi (大福) with Taiwan fruits inside but wrapped in bamboo leaves. Instead of rigidly following ancient customs, they both take an innovative approach to make traditional festivals more appealing to people. We hope you all love these design that evolves with time :)

Localware的“文化置入”盤,在看似經典的青花瓷盤中,巧妙融入電腦視窗圖騰,構成當代科技與傳統文化並存的衝突美感;咖芳工作室的水果冰Q粽,則是將包入台灣新鮮水果的日式大福,包裹在老闆親自摘取的新鮮粽葉裡。兩者皆在傳統框架中,大膽又合理地玩出嶄新創意,正是玩味將其結合的緣故;客人端著設計瓷盤子吃著消暑的冰Q粽 🍓🍃 ,原來傳統也可以這麼不傳統。


Play Design Hotel wish everyone a Happy Dragon Boat Festival !

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