2016/5/21 - 5/25 Andrew’s stay in Play Design Hotel PART2

Andrew : “This is the playful concrete items i loved in the Tea room. they seem so easy to make and the play between concrete and plants is so nice. feels very organic. the imperfection makes it so much better….

Following by the post yesterday, Andrew is also a sucker for wood that he really enjoyed our Tea Room - all the wood and metals and concrete design he found turns into a wonderful mix of natural feeling materials.

"The bluetooth speaker was great. I looked up Minifort after to see they are a Taiwanese speaker company, which is cool!”

— MIN16 (無線藍芽音響) designed by Minfort Taiwan

“I tried the Eighty-Eightea tea and enjoyed reading through some of the other guests experiences with the tea. It was great to flip through the cards and in that moment experience the connection with all these people who had been here before. It reminded me that the world is very big and everyone has a perspective."

— It is always nice to hear our guest spoke about their experience from their unique perspective!! Who’s going to be the next to stay with these amazing works?

☛ More details about 506 Play Tea Room : http://goo.gl/3m5CbF


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