2016/5/21 - 5/25 Andrew’s stay in Play Design Hotel PART1

Last week, we were so lucky to have an amazing guest from San Francisco, Andrew Deagon. He was actually a mechanical designer who had ever worked for Nest / Google.

After staying in the different rooms, he shared that good design is the complete experience. For him, 505 Maker room is more playful and some of his favorites include ….

“Hanging spaces are always great. This item in particular is wonderful because i can hang my clothes – but i can also move this whole hanging space. It also doesn’t extend out of the wall too much and is just a creative spin on wall hangers.”

— HoHo clothes stand (呵呵笑也) designed by 木府Keefü wood studio

“I spent a good 20 min examining how this lamp was made. Its quite spectacular on several levels – its like sparkling dew drops in a spider web. and also, as an engineer, i admire the structural and yet electrical function of the wiring. wonderful. "

— Mushroom Lamp (蘑菇燈) designed by Atelier Liu Hsuantzu

"…i love that there is a 3D printer – i only wish it had the power cable. i needed to 3D printer some stuff while i was here – haha. Maybe in the future i can stay here and pay for the print material and use the printer? maybe even print some cool stuff for Play Design Hotel! “

— ATOM 3D Printer 1.0 designed by ATOM 3D 印表機

To be continued,,,

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