2016/4/7 - 6/7 Taiwan by Design x Zec-Zec Book Pre-Order Campaign

As a foreigner, what is your impression of Taiwan?

If you had to choose a product to represent Taiwan design, which will you choose:

1. Rice Cooker 2. Bowl 3. Scooter 4. Chair ?


是具有台灣飲食文化記憶的「大同電鍋」、承載著地方人文的「趣遊碗」、科技與綠能完美結合的「GOGORO 電動機車」,還是將古典太師椅與塑膠凳混搭成的「圈凳」?

This is a question that the Australian curator Annie Ivanova would like to ask everyone when she aims to create “Taiwan by Design”, the first comprehensive book about the elements and influences shaping a new Asian design aesthetic from the beautiful island called “Taiwan”.

這是來自澳洲墨爾本的國際策展人Annie Ivanova,對大家提出的問題。不會說中文的她,因為對台灣設計充滿興趣,耗時2年走訪全台350家公司,進行120場的訪談,蒐羅最動人的88種設計,集結成《Taiwan by Design》英文書。

The book Introduces design 88 curated objects excellence that is on par with the ‘best of the best’ in international practice. Each designer spoke about what they like about this country from their unique perspective. They spoke of the problems with Taiwan that motivate them to create new things.

沒有漂亮的品牌故事或行銷手法,書中設計產品不分知名度,Annie 以更加貼近台灣人的共同日常生活的標準、用最純粹的角度編寫,只為了讓全世界的人能真正認識台灣。想知道台灣有哪些創意人透過設計去解決問題、去傳達他們對於生活品質的追求與堅持,我們需要你的支持,讓 《Taiwan by Design》 的集資計畫被更多人看見。

After this July, for those who are going to stay in Play Design Hotel can first read “Taiwan by Design” in our rooms !

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玩味將在七月開始於房內也擺放《Taiwan by Design》 歡迎入住的客人翻閱,一起尋找房內藏有的書中作品!

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