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Punch S 2入組 / Set of Punsh S

路力家器具 / Lo Lat Furniture & Objects

Punch/S 是路力原有的概念杯碗系列的延伸。S 是 Slow [慢],在這什麼都快的時代,我們常常不自覺看得快,走得快,吃得快。天空只有白色的雲嗎,海只是藍色的嗎? Punch/S 把看起來相似的天空拆開,慢慢看,是黃,灰,白,藍。


Punch/S is a series of slow tableware extended from Lo Lat's earlier stoneware series. The handcrafted texture gives a delicate touch in the hand. This classic, glazed tableware in 4 slightly different tones finish is a must-have piece for slow lifestyle.


尺寸 / Size:8.5 (D) x 8 (H) cm

重量 / Weight:150 g

材質 / Material:陶土 / stoneware

顏色 / Color:蛋殼白、灰褐、牛軋黃、冰藍 / Egg shell white, Classic Taupe, French nougat, Ice blue

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