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六股棉線腰枕 / Seediq weaving pillow

賽德克編織抱枕 / Seediq Weaving Pillow


7OCEANS與賽德克藝術家林介文合作推出「Seediq 賽德克家飾系列」, 於花蓮縣原住民部落採集傳統婦女手織的布毯作品,並將創作者的織紋分析 樣,重新設計,經由族人以純手工編織再造,成為時尚精緻,且深具人文風格的家飾抱枕 。

The goal of 7OCEANS’ Seediq design was to restore tradition and mesmerizing the old ways of living. 7OCEANS, rooted in Taiwan, is well known for its meticulous weaved furniture and high-end casual living design style. In the tradition of Seediq culture, weaving is a calling for every woman. From adolescent into older age, Taiwanese seediq women have weaved numerous bed sheets and blankets for the living of their families. Because of this reason, unique and meticulous weaving patterns had been discovered over time. 


編織材料 / Original material : 苧麻線、棉線 / ramie, cotton

抱枕材料 / Pillow material : 六股棉線 / cotton
尺寸 / Size:52 x 30 cm  

2,100  TWD

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