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ROPE Stand Clock


Evening & Morning  Specification 

日夜交替原是時間可辨的初始, 我們取其規格為設計精神,先是抽離既有的時間辨識邏輯, 再有時鐘設計的延展,讓時鐘進入生活空間。 不再是追求精確的機器,而是獲得舒緩生活態度的度量。 


Brand Story

Evening & Morning  Specification 

EMspec is a clock brand for the new generation. Abstracting numbers and pointers by an easy understanding logic of lights on and off, EMspec designs clocks full of creativity and aesthetic experience. With a fecund imagination and high-quality technological level, EMspec responds to people’s potential desires for lifestyle, aesthetics, and taste in the way beyond traditional concept.


Rope是設計師從「結繩記事」做原始的發想,整體設計上納含了精密的金屬加工與極高的工藝純度,再以柔緻的暖色光亮作為辨識的基礎,以接近全手工的費時製作,完成這款全新定義在空間中的角色與地位的立鐘。 ​​在外觀上處處斂藏著讓奪人眼目的設計亮點,運用舒緩的亮光漸增,表達已過的每一分鐘;並以柔和律動的光舞迎接每個整點到來;透過亮度調整與顯時模式切換,Rope更能存在於符合每個主觀空間的客觀環境。自此,時鐘不再只是被動的顯時工具,更成為空間環境裡的視覺主角;讓我們不只觀時,更能夠從容的離開精確,優雅的敞在時間裡,享受它的流動與陪伴。 

"Quipu" is the inspiration of this design. Each light ball represents a knot, and the stainless steel pipe represents the rope. In addition, the hourly lighting show was inspired by Cuckoo clock, and the concept of the dancing fountain was translated into its lighting effect. ​"Rope" is a new type of floor clock, taking a bold step away from the traditional, clocks with numbers and indicators, by displaying time in a less precise way. The main features are how the time is displayed and the hourly lighting show. With completely different characteristics of clocks,  "Rope" reshapes the experience of perceiving time and reinterprets the connection between people and time. 



材質 / Meterial : 鋁、不鏽鋼管、皮革、壓克力 / Alumnium, Stainless Steel casing, Leather, Acrylic 

尺寸 / Size : 32(L) x 16(W) x 170(H) cm 

燈泡 / Light Source :  -10°C~ 50°C, 2700K 

輸入電壓 / Input : 100V~ 240V

電源規格 / Power : 24V 

功率 / W : MAX 28W AVG 14W

 68,000 TWD

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