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浪草燈 Riyar Light
浪草燈 | Riyar Light

浪草燈 / Riyar Light

Riyar 在阿美族語中的意思是海洋。吹著海風長大的輪傘草,從前在部落姨娜手中編成傳統草蓆,今天在部落姐姐手中編成一盞盞浪一般的燈。

By translating the traditional umbrella sedge mats into the waves shape that highlights its straight and structural trait, this local craft lives in another artistic way in the modern city.


材質 / Materials:手工編織輪傘草、金屬粉體烤漆、黃銅燈座、鎢絲燈泡 / Umbrella Sedge, powder coated steel, brass socket, incandescent bulb

尺寸 / Size:35 (W) x 35 (D) x 38 (H) cm

清洗方式 / Cleaning instruction:simple wipe with a damp cloth, and placed in a cool, well-ventilated / dry place.

燈泡 / Bulb: 40w, 220v, e27
電線長度 / Cable Length:2.5 m

 9,800 TWD

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