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犀牛酒架 / Rhino Wine

犀牛酒架 / Rhino Wine Rack


設計師發揮創意將犀牛變為酒架,技藝高超的工匠師傅將設計師的 3D 立體設計精準的焊接成型,賦予硬梆梆的鐵線新的生命力。不僅僅可以放置酒也可以當擺飾,最多可以放置 7 瓶,是實用與造型兼具的設計。也可以放置雜誌喔!! 設計師也藉由瀕臨絕種的動物們來提醒大家地球只有一個,愛地球是刻不容緩!


The rhino become creative designer wine racks, skilled craftsmen master designer's 3D stereoscopic design precision welded, giving new life hard and clematis. Wine can not be placed as decorations, can place up to 7 bottles, is both practical and styling design. Oh !! magazine can also be placed by designers endangered animals to remind you there is only one earth, love the earth is urgent!


材質 / Material : 鋼、烤漆 / Steel paint 

尺寸 / Size : 54.5 (W) x 175 (D) x 32.5 (H) cm

重量 / Weight : 1.3 kg

1,480  TWD

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