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Random 是二條拉繩與隨機之遇構成的一盞吊燈。輕拉其中的一條拉繩,燈球會以隨機的方式一顆 顆點亮。隨機的方式讓燈球點亮的組合接近無限多種而產生不可預期之美。拉下另一條拉繩可使燈 球依相反順序逐漸熄滅。 作品靈感來自於探討以生活物件來賦予時間流逝的感受性。時間以一種流動而無法明於形體的方式 消逝,而我們意於創造出可以觸及當下一刻的物件。


Random is a pendant light playing with two strings and serendipity. When pulling one string oft he two, the light balls turn on one by one in random order. The enormous number of combination makes each pull an unique moment and each setup unexpected. Pulling the other string dims the light in the reversed order till all balls are off.

The project originates from an exploration on the perception related to the passing of time and moments with everyday objects. Time goes by in a continuous yet intangible manner. It is our intention to create an object letting people feel the present moment.


2014 Shopping Design Award - Design of the Year


尺寸 / Size:50 (L) x 50 (W) x 130 (H) cm

材質 / Material:金屬、口吹玻璃、橡膠 / metal, hand-blown glass, silicon rubber

48,000 TWD

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