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雨滴皇冠吊燈 / Rain Drop Light



Cloudy and rainy weather in sunny weather,
Transformed into a raindrop-like crown;
Look up and remember the fresh and lovely look.


關於好造型Good Form:


Form Of The Good. #磨石計畫,把這些令人懷念的美好,保留了下來⋯⋯




Form Of The Good. #TerrazzoPlan,Keeping these nostalgic beauty beautiful things…

Terrazzo is a common architectural technique used in traditional Taiwanese old houses and the terrazzo floor is a common memory of many Taiwanese. However due to the constant innovation of the construction method and the gradual retreat of the craftsmen, the Terrazzo is disappearing and is on the verge of loss.

Beautiful things are always  

worth of being reserved. Upholding the original intention of memories, we started to develop a series of products made by terrazzo.  By redesign, color tuning, mixing and polishing, let’s wait for that beautiful era to be appeared here again…


尺寸 / Size:直徑 12 x 高 11 x 吊線 200 cm / Diameter 12 x hight 11 x Cable 200 cm
材質 / Material :手工吹製玻璃+黃銅燈頭 / Glass, Brassiness
電 壓 / Voltage:110V or 220V、E14 燈泡,出貨前請務必告知所需電壓。

2,180  TWD 

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