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路力家器具 / Lo Lat Furniture & Objects

Q 系列從小時鐘 q time 開始,挑戰彎曲實木薄片的曲度,選用堅韌硬實的木種-山毛櫸作為主要素材。時鐘主體是由一整塊山毛櫸木塊直接切削一體成形,因此從框緣往下到鐘面的木紋所構成的畫面,都是獨一無二的。即使是取自同一棵樹,也不會有一模一樣的紋路,這就是實木吸引人的地方。 可擺在玄關、床邊、書桌都能自然融入家中擺設。


Q series features a sheet of beech bent at almost 360 degree to embrace the clock and let itself stand naturally. The main body is shaped from one piece of block. Therefore each piece gives a different scenery of wood grain that makes it absoutely beautiful and timeless object.


材質 / Material : 白山毛櫸、日本Rhythm機芯 / beech, Japan Rhythm clock movements 

表面處理 / Finishing : 蜂蠟 / natural wax polish

尺寸 / Size :

S : 11.5 (L) x 12.5 (W) x 7 (H) cm

L : 19.4 (L) x 19.4 (W) x 7 (H) cm

 from  3,400  TWD

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