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直物文具 Café

Plain Stationery & Homeware Café


Inherited from the philosophy towards stationery, Tiger founded the first stationery Café in Taiwan – Plain Stationery & Homeware Café. You can experience the unique design of stationery, homeware and daily objects, and also meet friends addicted to stationery while having a cup of coffee.


An extension of hands.



Autopoint 古典自動鉛筆

Autopoint twinpoint mechanical pencil


Autopoint twinpoint mechanical pencil uses the same twisting mechanism as hundred years ago. Compared with mechanical pencil nowadays, you can feel the warmth from twisting lead out, although it will take you few more seconds on operating, The much time you spend on operating an object, you feel the warmth from it.

In addition, it has some advantages which mechanical pencil nowadays doesn't have - simple structure, lower failure rate and the firm feeling of writing. More, the unique design of twinpoint makes writing much easier.



No.16-4, Ln. 56, Sec. 1, Xinsheng S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan


Opening Hour : 

14:00-21:00 (Mon./Wed./Thu./Fri.)

13:00-19:00 (Sat./Sun.)

Close on Tue. and the last Wed. of every month

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