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鸚鵡燭台 / Parrot X Candle Holder



Each family owns its unique odour. In the evening, all the folks get together and wait for the dinner. The parrots come too,Parrot X CANDLE HOLDER, they fly down the candle holder on the center of the table, humming and laughing! Every happy moment in your life, haoshi is there.

Parrots X candle holder light up your home and impart an atmosphere of peace and calm.






Cleaning instruction:

Use duster to clean the parrot surface gently. Clean the holder part with wet cloth. Do not use sharp object to clean the wax on the stand. Scrape gently once the wax is dry completely



Candle is not included in the product. Candle wax will drop on the stand. Please stay in a good ventilation area while use. Avoid reach of children, pet and near flammable object when using candle Fallen of the product may cause damage.


尺寸 / Size:

單隻/single:長/W 155mm 寬/D 130mm 高/H 235mm /1.1kg

三隻/3 Parrots:長/W 335mm 寬/D130mm 高/H 275mm /1.8kg

四隻/4 Parrots:長/W 265mm 寬/D 275mm 高/H 275mm /2.2kg

材質 / Material :鸚鵡-樹脂/燭台-鐵;Parrot–Resin / holder part: Iron

單隻/single $3,300TWD

三隻/3 Parrots ​$4,800TWD

四隻/4 Parrots ​$6,800TWD

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