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「文具代表的是一個時代的生活習慣,隨著文具的必要性消失,書寫與紀錄自己思維的過程能讓我們進入另一個狀態,猶如旅行與咖啡,文具是一個不能被忘記,如生活儀式般的存在。」- 小日子


“Stationery represents an era of living habits. With the necessity of stationery disappeared, writing down one’s thinking is like having a travel or cup of coffee, which is not forgotten as a life ritual.”

Launched as an independent publisher in 2012, C'est si bon (oneday) magazine is a Taiwanese monthly magazine. With its authentic writing and vivid photographs, Oneday has discovered a wide range of Taiwanese stories and gained success in promoting local lifestyles. In 2016, Oneday opened a select shop and two coffee shops to expand the business and support local brands. Oneday will continue to flourish with its core value that the best life is in Taiwan.


Stationery is an unforgettable and ritual existence.




Notebook - C’est si bon


We discover that “reading”, “writing” and “texture” are meaningful to readers. Therefore, It's the first product released by C'est si bon. The size of Bunkobon is great for carry; its flattened pages design makes it easy to write on.



C’est si bon travel notebook


The stickers are made by the theme illustrations on each issue of magazine. Everyone can use these to make their own works with 'C'est si bon' style, the warm sun on cover like a little brilliant day.



Notebook – My declaration


We choose four sentences to make it have a conversation with blank, squared, lined paper, and arrange social media information into contact blank, which is a symbolic appearance of time.



Oneday ballpoint pen


It's co-brand with a Taiwan stationery brand, SKB. We choose SB-202 ballpoint pen with smooth ink. Our editors selected the quotations from interviewees and let these soothed and meaningful words be engraved on the pens, which makes items become cultural carriers.



No.13, Aly. 16, Ln. 52, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City


Opening Hour : 12:30 – 21:00

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