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精靈 / Numen

精靈 / Numen

喜的精品燈飾 / 李慧倫 ; SEEDDESIGN / Li, Hui Lun

隨心所欲地塑捏它、點亮它就是一種樂趣。NUMEN 精靈桌燈以安全矽膠製成,不同於一般塑料,矽膠耐極端溫度(-100~250°C)、抗腐蝕、無毒等安全特性,可以放心讓小孩玩耍揉捏,童心未泯!夜光型的精靈桌燈在熄滅後仍有20分鐘的微光,夜光的光線隨著人們入眠也逐漸變弱,同時達到舒眠與節能的效果,可當小夜燈使用。千變萬化的表情,亮出最甜蜜的光氛,怎麼能不征服您的心!


NUMEN lights differently each time you give it a new look and shape. With NUMEN, you can let your inner creativity loose and bend the NUMEN to whatever your heart desires. Challenge your wildest imagination! NUMEN is constructed with silicone rubber, which is a safe material that offers countless advantageous properties such as thermal stability, low chemical reaction, and low toxicity. Staying lit for a full a 20 minutes after its light source has been turned off, the fluorescent NUMEN literally falls asleep with you.


2009 Good Design


材質 / Material:矽膠/silica gel

尺寸 / Size : 22 (L) x 22 (W) x 26 (H) cm

光源 / Lighting:省電燈泡 E27 2 x 13W / Incandescent Lamps E27 2 x 13W

2,980 TWD

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