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折點椅&折點小桌 / Note Chair & Note Table



The 2017 Note Chair & Stool is to maximize and integrate forms with distinctive materials. The minimal white oak legs interlock with the folded-cutout-sheet-metal arms/seatback visually and structurally. The out-folded semicircles of the armrest cap the end grain of the wooden legs, which is the roughest and dark notion, and structurally convey weight to the ground efficiently. All components are durable and easy to assemble.



設計師 / Designers:王新鈞、劉燁 / HC Wang, Ye Liu


材質 / Material:白橡木, 電鍍, 噴塑鋼 / 

                               White Oak, steel with electroplated or powder coating​


注意事項 : 該品項訂製期需 45 天

Please note that this product is made to order in 45 days.

椅子白色版 / White Chair :450 USD

椅子銅色版 / Copper Chair :550 USD

小桌白色版 / White Table:220 USD

小桌銅色版 / Copper Table:240 USD

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