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Naho Selections Room -「中山 - 大稻埕」景點地圖組 /

Map of Attractions in "Zhongshan - Dadaocheng" Area

玩味旅舍 & 小川奈穂 / Play Design Hotel & Naho Ogawa 

- 22 個 Naho 推薦的「中山 - 大稻埕」景點

- 「中山-大稻埕」景點地圖 + 插畫貼紙

- 遊台北必備道地手提袋

22 個必訪景點不藏私推薦


22 個景點精選自日本插畫家小川奈穗( Naho Ogawa )的台北旅遊書《大家好,我是 Naho:來自日本插畫家的台北發現》,Naho 用插畫的方式紀錄了幾趟來台北的旅程,每一個文字、每一幀插圖都是 Naho 親自走踏的成果。


獨家 Naho 景點與地圖

 讓地圖不只是地圖 ,更是一幅景點插畫! Naho 獨家「中山-大稻埕」景點地圖與貼紙,是設計與文化的精選踩點。22 個景點濃縮在地圖與貼紙中,用貼紙紀錄你走踏的足跡,發現原來這間豆花店在巷子內,原來博物館這麼有趣 !


- 22 attractions in "Zhongshan - Dadaocheng" area recommended by Naho

- Map of "Zhongshan - Dadaocheng" Attractions + Illustration Stickers

- Essential Taipei Travel Bag


22 Must-See Attractions, Recommend without Reservation

22 attractions meticulously selected from Japanese illustrator Naho Ogawa’s newly released Taipei travel book Hi Everyone, I’m Naho: The Discovery of Taipei by a Japanese Illustrator. Naho uses illustrations to record her trips to Taipei; every single word, every single illustration are the fruit of her exploration in Taipei.


Naho’s Exclusive Attractions and Maps

Not jus a Map, but a Scenic Illustration! Naho’s exclusive map and stickers of "Zhongshan - Dadaocheng" area, are the unique guide and selections of design and cultural attractions. 22 spots concentrate in a set of maps and stickers, by this, record your footsteps with a sticker, find the tofu pudding shop in an unknown alley, and discover the hidden fun of a museum!

250  TWD

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