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山石軟泥燈 / Mountainstone

叁個設計 / Tripleliving Studio

山石軟泥燈營造白天與黑夜的驚喜,關燈時就像是懸在空中的一座小山,開燈時透出裂痕的光芒,為環境帶來兩種獨特質感的氛圍。 以獨家研發的透光軟泥材質製成,軟質特性兼具粗糙質地並擁有透光特性,營造療癒驚喜、釋放衝突美學的生活燈具。


Mountainstone lamp is made of celement. It is soft, transparent to light, and has rough texture. We make the surprise in changing of day and night. Mountainstone is just like a small mountain when it being turned off. It represents the unique feature by its heavy feeling and tough texture. It shines through cracks when it being turned on, and shows particles of stone. It can bring two kinds of feeling to surrounding.


材質 / Material:

燈罩 / Shade  : 透光軟泥(砂石及矽膠等複合式材質) / sand and silicone and other composite materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly 
燈座 / Lamp Holder : E14 塑膠燈座,通過CE.VDE認證 / E14 plastic lamp holder, certified by CE.VDEfriendly 
燈線 / Wire : 銅電線、橡膠包覆、黑色PP編織繩線,通過VDE認證 / copper wire, rubber coated black PP woven rope lines, certified by VDE 

尺寸 / Size : 18 (L) x 18 (W) x 19.7 (H) cm

重量 / Weight:around 800g

電壓 / Voltage:100-220V

建議燈泡 / Recommendation LED Bulb : LED E14

建議瓦數 / Recommendation Wattage:LED 5W

最大瓦數 / Maximum Wattage : LED 25W

燈罩最高可承受200℃高溫 / Lampshade can withstand up to 200 ℃

 2,400 TWD

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