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墨岳書檔 / Mountain Bookends



This bookend is inspired from the mountain of Chinese painting. Black and strong line convey a feeling of the modern from tradition. It is not only to show more imagination to user's desk, but also great decoration for living.


材質 / Material:樹酯 / Resin

尺寸 / Size:9.5 x 9.5 x 14.7 cm

注意事項 / Notice:

請勿盛裝食物,並且避免接觸口腔 / Do not holding food, and touch the mouth

請勿刻意重壓或撞擊 / Do not crush or impact.

可用清水清洗清潔,清洗後請以乾布擦拭並放置通風位置晾乾 / Clean with water, and dry with ventilated place

本產品為手工製作,因此每一件作品的細節皆有些許不同 / This is handmade product, so each piece has a little bit different, and enjoy it !

900  TWD

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