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巧克力凳 / Melted Chocolate Bench



Come and have a seat, please! Ooops! Your hip is so hot that the chocolate melts.

The ‘Melted Chocolate Bench’ is made of walnut, and this bench is such an amusing design that makes it a surreal furniture in a way. Once when grinding the dark color wood, even found the wood dust and the cocoa powder were very alike. From everyday practice, even generated ideas and developed series creation of wood chocolate.


材質 / Material : 臺灣檜木、柳安 / Hinoki, Lauan 

尺寸 / Size:69 × 22 × 31 cm

包裝尺寸 / Package Size:75 × 28 × 37 cm

重量 / Weight:4 kg

​訂製期 / Lead Time : 2 個月 / 2 months

​26,250 TWD

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