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募資相框 / PDH Original Media Frame

玩味旅舍 / Play Design Hotel

幕資相框內建玩味旅舍為募資房特製的募資用程式,使用者可於相框上瀏覽目前募資平台上的設計品,除了可點選有興趣的設計品以瀏覽其介紹短片外,更可直接掃 QR code 進入募資平台直接購買設計品。


Media Frame is an 'interface-free' digital photo frame. It displays image of slides of local designers' product that is undergoing crowd-funding. When a user touches a slide, a video that introduces that product concept will start to play. By touching that video, a QR code will emerge and lead the user to the purchase page or campaign site upon scanning via mobile device.


Size:10.6 吋觸控螢幕


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