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Lipa 圓型邊几 / Lipa
Lipa 圓型邊几 / Lipa
Lipa 圓型邊几 / Lipa

Lipa 圓型邊几 / Lipa

Esaila / Design by Kenyon Yeh

LIPA 邊桌採取了一個簡潔而直覺式的工法,桌面與桌腳一體成型,並非由兩塊鐵片焊接而成。 製作方式以雷射切割方式切下外緣輪廓,透過與鋼鐵工廠師傅不斷的測試與打樣,成功將鐵片彎曲成九十度。 宛如雕塑品一般,LIPA 可隨心所欲調整擺放的方向,砂質的觸感簡約低調,外觀不見任何焊接的痕跡,傳遞極簡工藝的美感。


LIPA is made from one sheet of laser-cut steel then simply bent to form the sturdy legs and surface. The beauty part is, there is no certain angle telling which side should be the front. Every angle can be used as the front part depends which side brings the most appealing view. Making LIPA simple, unique as a practical and sculptural side table, nightstand or plant stand anywhere in home or public spaces. Available in round or square top powder coated finish.


2012 金點設計獎
2015 文創精品獎


材質 / Material:鋼板噴漆 / powder coated steel

尺寸 / Size : 40 (ø) x 50 (H) cm

 7,080 TWD

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