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Leer AG008 LED wood desk lamp

簡約的五角造型,營造出一種優雅的美感, 每一個平面的轉動,可以調整光的方向,改變影子的投射。 光和影之間的變化,增添了空間的趣味性。


“Where’s the light from?” is the interesting issue we would like to convey through the series of geometrical shape lamps. Leer is a lamp in shape of pentagon. It can stand in every side, bringing variation of light and shadow. Having LED and touch control embedded inside the wood frame, Leer shows simplicity and elegance on appearance, and brings fantasy when it’s light up. 


材質 / Material:白橡木 / white oak

尺寸 / Size:36 (L)  x 5.5 (W)  x 37 (H)  cm

光源 / Lighting:3W warm white LED

功能 / Function:無段式觸摸調光 touch dimming

 9,200 TWD

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