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地景置物盒-丘陵 / Landscape - Hill

蛋造設計 / Danzo Studio

我們總希望擁有一張存在美好秩序的桌面,無奈桌上常存在太多小物件,如文具、飾品、生活用品等,形形色色、大小各異,有如大自然中的各種動物,需要不同的棲地。因此,我們將桌面堆放小物的角落,看作是個充滿多樣性的生態系,以生態學架構來塑造桌面的美好秩序。Landscape 是一組可於桌面作水平排列及垂直堆疊的鋁合金系統置物盒,以山谷、丘陵、火山、瀑布、基本款五種地形,藉由改變金屬上蓋之造型的設計手法,自由放置不同形式的小物件,勾畫屬於自己的桌面風景。機能隨形,依不同地景,桌上每件小物都有了安穩棲息的位置。


Hill 丘陵

主要針對飾品類小物件所開發的一款置物盒,Hill 這款地景由三個高低與直徑皆不同的丘陵組成,小山丘上端深淺各異的凹槽供使用者放置項鍊、耳環、戒指等飾品,手錶、手鍊或手環等亦可環繞於丘陵外圍,提供飾品或小物最好的展示及收納空間。

The LANDSCAPE organizing boxes introduce a collection of storage cases specified for all tabletop gadgets and/or accessories. Function follows form because each box lid is fitted with a particular terrain scene.

Inspired by the rift valley of East Taiwan, Danzo’s Landscape Valley is a versatile design suitable for your phone, glasses, business cards, stationery and more.


The series consists of five choices of terrain; each coming with a unique function for various uses. The flat top of the basic model provides a stacking solution – collecting the scattered objects on desktop into a piece of three-dimensional scenery.


材質 / Material:鋁合金 /  aluminum alloy

尺寸 / Size:15.9 x 10.4 x 5.6 cm

顏色 / Color:鋁原色,雪地白 / aluminum gray, white

使用與維護 / use+care:鋁合金原色款表面的花紋為特殊仿舊處理,使用後表面會產生自然氧化現象。白色與沙色的烤漆版本請避免外力刮傷與強力撞擊。/ The pattern on the aluminum alloy surface is a special vintage treatment, and the oxidation on the surface is nature phenomenon. Please avoid scratching and impact force against to the coating surface.

1,480  TWD

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