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來字哪裡 /  Lai zi na li




「來字哪裡」是由兩位熱愛字體的90後女孩,以推廣台灣正體中文字的文化為目標。 Lai zi na li 在中文音譯為“你從哪裡來”,而中間的 zi 為雙關語代表了中文的“字”,更是傳達我們的團隊理念-推廣正體中文字!


Where do you come from? We come from Taiwan.

“Lai zi na li” was created by two 1990s girls passionate for fonts with the goal of promoting Taiwan traditional Chinese character culture. In the hopes of driving traditional Chinese from Taiwan to the world and displaying its beauty.


Lai zi na li is the transliteration of “where are you from” in Chinese. The zi in the middle is a pun on the word “font”, and conveys the concept of our team- to promote traditional Chinese characters!






We hope that “word creation” is not confined to anyone, so we designed the  “movable-type stamps”. The concept of the “movable-type stamps” came from the 8 basic strokes of the character “永 (yong)”. With this stamp set, one can print out all the Chinese characters. This kind of interaction can inspire the users creativity. The style of word creation varies from one user to another, depending on the users’ personalities. We hope to draw attention to the beauty of traditional Chinese characters and to promote Chinese culture. 


材料 / Material :壓克力 Acrylic 、印章面 - 塑膠 TPV

尺寸 / Size:11.5 x 15.5 x 30 cm 

999 TWD

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