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喜的精品燈飾 陳昭成 / SEEDDESIGN Chen, Chao Cheng  

Laito是日文的「光明」之意,LAITO MINI 外型汲取傳統銀行燈的燈罩造型與結構,歌頌復古典雅,並以俐落的線條,刻畫出更符合都市低調樂活的性格,搭配可任意轉動的魚骨結構,「光」,循著現代復古美學,走入精巧簡約生活中。 


The smallest Laito in the series, the mini wall lamp has inherited the classic streamlined look and flexible functionality of its larger counterparts.  


It offers two types to choose. The mini WL version is with an adjustable arm and shade the wall mounted lamp can be perfectly positioned for your task at hand. As with the rest of the LAITO series aesthetic is never compromised by function. 




源自1991年,一位台灣青年對燈光的想像與創作的熱情; 透過筆尖,將來自生活的靈感, 化作以簡約為性格、實用與恆久性為目的之燈光美學。 早期以丹麥為主要市場的背景深刻影響品牌因子, 我們的設計強調「簡約」與「實用」之間的絕佳平衡,並融入「貼心互動」的哲學, 產品靈感皆來自創作者深入觀察使用者生活習慣後,所衍發的設計思考。 相信唯有讓燈飾與人產生互動,才能為使用者帶來趣味, 為生活加添幸福感, 而這正是「喜的精品燈飾」創立的初衷。 


SEEDDESIGN was founded in 1991, by an innovative and tenacious designer, Meiric. 

With just a few sketches on hand, he was certain he had what it took to create an entire lighting line that would be superb in construction, striking in aesthetics, and pioneering in concept. 

By 1992, his first lamp, the UFO made its debut in Europe. Trailing just a few years behind, JOJO, a height adjustable pendant followed in its footsteps. 

By 1997 Meiric decided that he wouldn’t just design and sell, he had set up his own factory so that he could better guarantee the quality and ensure the end product exceeded every expectation. 


At SEED we live by a simple philosophy of : 

We do not follow trend, we follow people. 
We do not create lighting, we create happiness. 
We do not light up houses, we light up dreams. 

The name SEED is a derivative of all things our products embody. 

Our lamps resemble Simplicity and Elegance, and with this what we create will last an Eternity, and at the end of the day, our goal is to Delight.


尺寸 / Size:11 (L) x 11 (W) x 150 (H) cm 

光源 / Lighting:E14 1 x 4W LED 2700K 

4,800  TWD 

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