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Jingo 無線音響燈-白金鳥
Jingo 無線音響燈-白畫眉
Jingo 無線音響燈-白金鳥
Jingo 無線音響燈-白畫眉
Jingo 無線音響燈-白金鳥
Jingo 無線音響燈-白金鳥

JinGoo 無線音響燈-白金鳥 / JinGoo LED Light Bluetooth Speaker







By bringing together an ambient light and bluetooth speaker, JinGoo is the perfect blend of Eastern aesthetics and superb sound quality, helping you escape the fast pace of life - creating a pleasant atmosphere for any space.

Jingoo is a speaker that can be easily paired with your devices. Its high quality sound performance is created by the tweeter and woofer drivers in Jingoo’s design.


Jingoo features a mono 2-way speaker, the low frequency woofer speaker is positioned in the base structure and its sound waves are reflected by the ceramic tail of the bird. A wide stereo effect is created with the sound waves from the tweeter located in the bird's body.


The light provides three levels of brightness. Solid walnut wood base. The body of the bird is formed from molds for production precision and fired in traditional kilns by the masters in Yingge. 


續航力 / Battery lifetime:> 15hrs of music and light

電池容量 / Battery capacity:li-ion rechargeable / 4800mAh

輸出功率 / Amplifier power:5W

規格 / Drivers:one 23.5 mm tweeter and one 45mm woofer

頻率響應 / Frequency Response:20 Hz – 20 kHz

信噪比 / Signal-to-noise Ratio:> 75dB

靈敏度 / Sensitivity:82dB / 1m /1 W

尺寸 / Size : 18 x 18 x 28 cm

材質 / Material:塑膠、金屬、陶瓷、木頭 / plastic, metal, ceramic, wood

藍芽版本 / Bluetooth version:4.0

操作頻率範圍 / Bluetooth transmitter frequency range:2.402GHz – 2.480GHz

連線距離 / Wireless range:10M

白金鳥 White Phoenix (gold bird with white cage): 9,250 TWD

白畫眉 White Hwamei (white bird with black cage): 7,750 TWD

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