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電子旅遊日曆 / In-room Digital Signage

玩味旅舍 / Play Design Hotel

電子旅遊日曆以絢麗且實用的方式推薦旅客周遭景點及近期相關活動。設計感的外型使它也可成為房內的一個裝置藝術。有興趣的住客可以直接透過手指觸控,或手機掃瞄電子旅遊日曆畫面上的 QR code 進入更多相關資訊頁面。


The digital travel calendar visualizes daily travelling recommendations and recommended activities in an ambient info-aesthetical fashion and manifests itself as a household appliance. The showcase enables lodgers to learn about relevant information by touch or via mobile phones.


hand-made 30-inch (ratrio: 21:9) touch screen

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