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唱片造型耐熱杯墊/杯蓋一組(兩入) / Vinyl Record silicone Coaster/Lid (2pcs)

美觀實用的黑膠唱片造型杯墊及杯蓋, 讓您品茗和小酌時,彷彿也能感受到輕鬆愜意黑膠唱片音樂, 立體刻紋設計除美觀,還有隔絕水滴流至桌面的功能.
多功能可當杯墊/杯蓋/隔熱墊 立體黑膠紋路可觸摸到
耐高溫180度 台灣設計製造 品質保證

The beautiful and practical vinyl record-shaped coasters and cup lids allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable vinyl record music when you sip tea and have a drink. 
The three-dimensional engraved design is not only beautiful, but also has the function of isolating water droplets from flowing to the desktop. . 
Multi-function can be used as coaster/cup lid/heat insulation pad, three-dimensional vinyl pattern can be touched High temperature resistance 180 de-grees. 
Designed and manufactured in Taiwan Quality As-surance.

45 record coasters.
Set of 2 record shaped coasters.
Add a new spin to your rock and rollin' lifestyle.
Perfect gift for your rock star.

Enjoy this set of 2 silicone record coasters every time you're drinking your favorite hit beverage. Washable and dishwasher safe, these coasters will put a new spin on protecting your furniture.

關於Headphone Design 耳機狗設計:


HHeadphoneDog耳機狗 起源自對設計和音樂的熱愛







「用設計 將音樂帶入生活」


設計領域涵蓋 音樂創意商品/ 居家用品、專輯/演唱會週邊商品設計、




The establishment of HeadphoneDog originates from our passion for design and music. To us, music is an emotion outlet, which is indispensable like oxygen. As for design, it is a medium to express our style and transform our ideas into reality. We use practical designs to add fun in daily life, making everyone’s life have stronger connections to music. We aim to use our design to attract every music-lover.


HeadphoneDog is the best music design brand in Taiwan. With the spirit of “Bringing music to life with designs,” our team keeps refining our products to redefine the relationships between music and art. Our designs include: music creative products/ household goods, album/concert tie-up products, design/curation of music spaces, customized gift for companies, and customized event products.


顏色 / Color:紅、藍、黃 / (a) red (b)blue (c) yellow    
尺寸 / Size:10 x 10 x 0.3 cm
包裝 / Package Size : 11 x 11 x 1.2 cm

材質 / Material:高級食品等級耐熱矽膠 / Silicone, heat- resistant till 180℃ degree

設計 / 產地:Made in Taiwan 台灣

399  TWD 

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