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台北旅遊書籍又多了一本選擇 - 由郭佩怜出版的【GOOD EYE 台北挑剔指南】,收錄了 300 多個台北風格旅遊的推薦景點,而且是第一本中英文雙語版的台北風格旅遊書。整本書的版面、裝幀、視覺、色彩及內容等,都充滿了設計的趣味。


Authors of travel guidebooks are like curators. They curate their favorites places and recommend to people through the medium of paper, and this reflects the authors' unique perspective and experiences of their lives.  
Good Eye CITY GUIDE : TAIPEI is the first ever bi-lingual travel guidebook for Taipei which includes 300+ recommended places to visit in Taipei. The whole book contains many design details, from color, text, typography to book-binding. It would be a wise choice to buy one for your foreigner friends visiting Taipei. 



規格::288 pages / 13.8 x 21 cm 

380 TWD

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