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形隨土法 / Form Follows Local Methods Table Lamp

俗器 / ​Localware 

台灣人的土法煉鋼精神則是來自善用隨手可得的零件,以最直接而且便利的方式達成目的。“形隨機能”並不能夠精準的描述台灣人的造物思維,因此我們在此提出“型隨土法”的設計美學。 本系列作品利用土法煉鋼的特殊而簡單的連結方式,以綑綁、膠合、堆積的形式作為造型的發展,包含了桌燈與懸臂燈。


As for Taiwanese people, we adopt the most direct and simple method to fulfill our purpose of design, by selecting the materials which are easy to obtain in everyday life, and bring their value to the fullest. “Form follows Function” is not accurate enough to describe the spirit of Taiwanese design. Therefore, we suggest a new esthetic concept: “Form Follows Local Methods”. This series of works demonstrates this unique approach. The connection of elements is simply through binding, gluing, and piling up. The series includes desk lamps and cantilevered lamps.


材質 / Material:水泥、鋼、鋁 / concrete, steel, aluminum

尺寸 / Size:94 (H) x 43 (W) x 12 (D) cm

重量 / Weights: 18.4 kg

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