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花舞 / Flamenca
花舞 / Flamenca
花舞 / Flamenca
花舞 / Flamenca

花舞 / Flamenca

佳世達 / QisDesign 

如花綻放的 LED 情境燈飾,圓弧的波浪造型,宛如佛朗明哥舞者荷葉邊裙,在每一次轉動中,盛開成美麗的花朵。  透過互動式設計,Flamenca 可變換調光:當手指輕觸銀色觸控盤啟動「舞動模式」做燈光循環變化,光在上下花盤間流動,得到即時的光影變換,彷彿舞者隨著音樂的節奏滑步、跳躍,留下華美的瞬間。短按銀色觸控盤可在光影流動間做停留,選擇不同光效,長按則關閉燈光。


Inspired by the breathtaking movement of Flamenco dancer’s ruffled skirt twirling around in the air, the Flamenca, is an ambient light which captures the playfulness of this true essence. With a gentle touch on the metallic-like plate, the dimming function gives different levels of breathing luminosity. Users can easily switch on the “dancing mode” to create a soft flowing effect. Further, when pressing and holding on longer of the top plate, users can feel various dimming illuminations and hold to turn off the light. Granted LED’s low-temperature characteristic, users can enjoy the interactive fun without any hazardous concern.


Golden Pin 金點設計獎


Size : ø 200 x H95 (mm)

Input: 100 - 240 V

Weight : 0.36 Kg

Material:LED燈、光學壓克力 / LED light, PMMA

 3,800 TWD

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