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纖維木器 - 點心盤 / Fibrewood Objects - Dessert Plate

Studio Lim


Fibrewood Objects manifests the use of innovative environmental material with a sense of aesthetic uniqueness. Being through retrospective experiments for over few hundred times in two years, Fibrewood is our proudly presented sustainable material made of natural fibre, such as flax fibre. The dessert plate, as part of the Fibrewood Objects series, constitutes a natural touch and feel of the plant fibre. Using similar technique like making lacquerware with a touch of human hand, the product is light and durable. It perfectly brings together modern manufacturing techniques with craft, resulting in an ever-changing pattern which becomes a beautiful complement to all kinds of desserts.


材質 / Materials : 植物纖維、木屑、漆 / Plant fibre, scrap wood, lacquer
尺寸 / Size : 15 x 15 x 1.5 cm

顏色 / Color : 黑雲、青雲、海、森、木 / cloudy black, cloudy blue, wavy blue, Mt. Green, frosty gold

墨雲、青雲、海、森:1,080 TWD / 木:1,180 TWD

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