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The design inspiration comes from the childhood memory of  Gina Hsu. Hsu was born and raised in a family which her grandfather and father were both medical practitioners. Unlike the ordinary family, home was a regional hospital but also a playground where she shuttled through it as a child. The mixing emotions of hospital and her happy childhood memory became an important element for her design inspiration.        

The design element taken from the hospital equipment, transfusion chair is normally a one-way use chair, but to add the mirror idea and also extend the table, which let the chair become a new form of furniture with new way to use with.

Spec for table

材質 / Material : 烤漆金屬,玻璃,木頭 / Painted metal bent pipe, black smoked glass and wooden chair top.

尺寸 / Size : 1780 x 500 x 800 mm 

Spec for chair

材質 / Material : 烤漆金屬,玻璃 / Painted metal bent pipe, black smoked glass

尺寸 / Size : 1300 x 640 x 750 mm

診療桌 / Table:25,000 TWD

​診療椅 / Chair:18,000 TWD

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