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​玩 味 選 品

 at Play Design Hotel

Weekly Special


「咖啡燒杯」– 東海醫院 DHH,為我們帶來一場「科學 x 設計」的化學效應,就像咖啡一樣感性與理性兼具。一杯好咖啡,是那樣的感性又浪漫,能帶給人不同層次的感官享受,但其實每一杯好咖啡中卻潛藏著科學實驗的理性。多少的咖啡加上多少的牛奶才能調出好喝的卡布奇諾?而摩卡呢?又或是我最喜愛的拿鐵?東海醫院的咖啡燒杯,巧妙地將科學精神加上設計巧思,咖啡燒杯上有六種咖啡的完美配方,不管今天想喝哪種咖啡,都能夠優雅地完成。


I can hardly remember, since when coffee has become my best morning call. A day would not start until I drink my morning coffee. Sometimes, I make fun of this habit of mine with friends that I feel it has become a kind of addiction. It is somehow like the cure that I must take every day. 
Beaker Cup, designed by DHH studio. It is a lovely work that performs when "design" has chemistry with "science". I doubt if one can find a word to describe a thing like coffee easily, as coffee could be sensational but the profound know-how could never be forgotten if one wishes to make good coffee. DHH studio wonderfully combines these two features into their Beaker Cup.There are graduations of proportions of ingredients to make good coffee on the elegant glass-made Beaker Cup. No matter which flavor one would like to have today, it is effortless now.

Beaker Cup_DHH studio

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