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吸色燈 / ColorUp


生活周遭的物件對每個人來說, 都有著不同的意義。但隨著時間,那些原本有意義的物件逐漸被遺忘了,當中的色彩也是。ColorUp的出現,喚起使用者對這些色彩的記憶,並開始搜尋身邊存在的顏色。

如同滴管可以汲水的意象,ColorUp使用矽膠為主要材質,保留其特有的彈性與韌度。將底部輕觸物件後,輕輕擠壓即可吸取顏色; 透過簡單的感測器與色彩轉換技術,ColorUp可呈現出上百種顏色的燈光,做為情境燈源再適合也不過!


Color is a stimulant; there is a long list of history demonstrating how color affects our emotions. Colors are used in advertisements to generate impulsive shopping, they are used in paintings to express passion and they are used in venues to create atmosphere.

ColorUp is a table lamp with an interesting light bulb design; when the light bulb touches another surface, the color frequency is absorbed and the lamp changes to shine in that same color.


A light bulb which can grasp colors from anything in your surroundings grants you the atmosphere of a lounge, a library or a pizza joint all in your living room. We believe most people have thought about changing the colors of their walls or surroundings, but it was too troublesome and most of us just give up and forget about it. That is the user experience ColorUp is changing; start remembering the passion you have for colors, start remembering the times you wish you could just change all the colors in your room, because now you can.


材質 / Material:矽膠、PC、塑膠 / Silicone, PC, ABS

尺寸 / Size:145(L) x 145(W) x 210(H)mm  

顏色 / Color:金色底、銀色底 / Gold, Silver

​電壓 /  Input : DC 5V (Micro USB port)

 2,799 TWD

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