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衣樹 / Clothes Tree


「衣樹」除了是衣帽架之外,更是一件優雅的擺飾藝術品,使用台灣的高級木料回收檜木純手工製作,更讓這件作品意義不凡且獨一無二。因為保持環境的信念,每完成一件作品,就種一棵樹到這個地球上。 此外,“衣樹”的分支也像卡通中的仙人掌風格一樣彎曲而完美,非常流暢的觸感,讓你和你的衣服不受傷害。


- 設計師的話 - 

某次把一棵樹苗帶回了工作室,樹的根部覆蓋著一塊布, 形狀就像一個寶寶包著尿布。 我記得我甚至做了一個尿布給樹苗,「尿布中的樹苗太無辜了解世界的方式。」 這是可愛的形象,給了我靈感,創造「衣樹」。 


The handcrafted ‘Clothes Tree’ is made of fine recycled Taiwan Cypress. It is not only a useful coat rack but also a neat home decoration. In order to present the texture and stories of the old recycled material, the nail holes and wormholes in wood are retained on the product, which makes the work unique and significant.
In addition, the branches of the ‘Clothes Tree’ are also curvy and perfectly round like the cactus style in the cartoon. However, they are extremely smooth to the touch, and this attentive design can keep you and your clothes from harming.


- Words from designer -
Keeping even’s faith in protecting the environment, with every handcrafted work accomplished, a newly plant tree grows on earth. I once brought a sapling back to even’s studio, and its roots were covered with a lump of earth. The shape is just like a baby's perfectly round bottom. I remembered I even made a diaper for the sapling. The sapling in the diaper was too innocent to know about the way of the world. It was the lovely image that gave me inspiration to create the ‘Clothes Tree’. 


材質 / Material : 臺灣檜木 / Hinoki

尺寸 / Size:22×22×152 cm

包裝尺寸 / Package Size:25×25×155 cm

重量 / Weight:15 kg

訂製期 / Lead Time:3 個月 / 3 months

48,000 TWD

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