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CITI x 60 : Taipei
CITI x 60 : Taipei
CITI x 60 : Taipei
CITI x 60 : Taipei

Citix60 Taipei:60 Creatives Show You the Best of the City

 作者:Viction Workshop

《CITIx60:台北》由香港出版社 viction:ary發行,CITIx60城市旅遊系列致力於從5種角度挖掘地道文化,邀請60位生活在當地的文化、藝術與設計界領域中的領袖人物包括建築師、藝術家、設計師、導演等等,推薦60個獨特的旅遊景點,而很榮幸也很開心,這次玩味旅舍與其他6間旅店共同被挑選收錄在其中。


每一個景點都有著60位人物的獨到見解,使每一本城市旅遊書都像是本集結了體驗地道生活情懷的攻略書。各城市在德國藉插畫家Guillaume Kashima aka Funny Fun的筆觸之下展現獨特城市風彩,從景點企劃至印刷設計、旅遊書的尺寸大小、插頁和紙質的選擇上,CITIx60城市旅遊系列宛如紙上 Gallery ,提供了新的旅遊書閱讀體驗。

Covering architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, dining and entertainment, CITIx60 Taipei City Guide points you to 60 hangouts endorsed by 60 personalities of the city’s creative scene.

Given its distinctive history, Taiwan presents an interesting hodgepodge of Chinese and Japanese cultures. The legacy constantly posts a thorough influence and engenders a charm unique to its capital. From newfangled cultural programmes to vibrant night markets and characterful cafés, the city’s manifold offerings revive the artistic energies of locals and guests day and night. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or the quiet type, you will always find this foodies’ paradise warm and welcoming, like its people.




叢書系列 / Series:CITIx60 城市指南

頁數 / Mass Market Paperback : 132 pages

尺寸 / Dimensions : 11.5 x 18.9 cm

出版地 / Publisher:香港 / Hong Kong

350  TWD

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