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軟泥杯墊 / Celement Plate

軟泥杯墊 / Celement Plate

叁個設計 / Tripleliving Studio

Tripleliving 推翻我們對混凝土的印象,嘗試改變水泥的特性,讓它保有粗糙堅毅的質感,卻擁有溫暖柔軟的觸感!軟泥杯墊混搭金屬顆粒調配而成,重新帶領我們體驗將硬質地的材質轉換成軟質地的觸感體驗。雙正面設計之軟泥杯墊,凹面可集水,避免水溢到桌面;凸面可放置熱飲,呈現獨特美感。軟泥的性質使杯墊好清洗,不吸水、不留漬,具有止滑、隔水、隔熱之功用。

This celement plate/coaster is double-faced design.In addition to placing the cup, you can also put the coins, jewelry, keys and other small objects. We made a breakthrough of celement conflict aesthtic.Metallic celement, it is a revolution of celement texture which blended with metal particles.


材質 / Material:軟水泥 / celement
尺寸 / Size:10.5 (L) x 10.5 (W) x 0.5 (H) cm

重量 / Weight : 80 g

顏色 / Color:原色、金軟泥、粉軟泥、銅軟泥 / celement, gold celement, cooper celement, pink celement

300  TWD

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