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騎樓筆筒 / Celement penholder

騎樓筆筒 / Celement Penholder

叁個設計 / Tripleliving Studio

Tripleliving 推翻我們對混凝土的印象,結合使用經驗的溫暖觸感,將建築意象帶到桌上文具,營造桌上的城市風景;設計師喜歡水泥質感,但將它直接用在生活用品上顯得有些不合時宜,因此嘗試改變水泥的特性,讓它保有粗糙堅毅的質感,卻擁有溫暖柔軟的觸感! 我們發現小文具們(譬如橡皮擦、短鉛筆、迴紋針等等) 常常會遺失在筆筒裡! 透過[桌上風景,小城市系列]騎樓筆筒的設計,隔出上下兩個小空間,這樣一來你的短鉛筆、橡皮擦...等小文具,都可以輕易的放進筆筒分居收納,再也不用麻煩地找到它了。

The Tiny City Series creates a conflict but harmonious experience.We apply architecture image into stationery, moving the view outside your window to your table. It combines concrete texture with soft touch. You do not need to pour all things out anymore to find your short pencils and erasers. We separate the holder into two "floors".Therefore, your smaller stationery can have a suitable place to stay and you would not forget them anymore


材質 / Material:軟水泥混合物 x 白松木,皆為環保、無毒、可回收之材質 / celement x wood, environmental, non-poisonous and recyclable materials
尺寸 / Size:10 (L) x 10 (W) x 12 (H) cm 

重量 / Weight:450 g

800  TWD

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