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喜的精品燈飾 / 李慧倫 ; SEEDDESIGN / Li, Hui Lun

CARRY有桌燈、立燈兩種款式。靈感來自繁忙的生活中想帶給您一絲貼心。除了以節能光源點亮並點綴空間外,更多了實用便利性:木質圓盤能讓您隨意放置暫時不知該放哪裡的各式小物。另外,還有特別為商務人士所設計的 USB 插槽,可讓您的智慧型手機或平板電腦安心地放置並充電,或者,插上 USB 喇叭,煮杯咖啡,悠閒地享受音樂。在CARRY 沉穩的霧面烤漆外表下,靜靜整理繁忙人生中的瑣碎。

CARRY marries utility with design. Not only is the CARRY chic enough to spruce up any space it also serves as a great light source, it is strategically designed with a plate to hold daily essentials such as keys and coins. The CARRY helps you achieve meticulous order in a fast paced society, a must-have for any modern lifestyle. The CARRY is available in two versions: Floor and Desk. The Desk Lamp comes equipped with a USB adapter, specially designed for our technology enriched way of life.


尺寸 / Size:36 (L) x 36 (W) x 50 (H) cm

材質 / Material:金屬 / Metal 

光源 / Lighting:省電燈泡 E27 2 x 13W / Incandescent Lamps E27 2 x Max 60W or CFL

From 6,800 TWD

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