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磚燈 / Wood Brick Lamp

磚燈意在捕捉光線變化的那一瞬間 - 隱藏和打開。這項特殊的設計改變了燈具在日常生活種使用的常態,並且提供了燈與人之間一種出乎意外的、直覺有趣的互動關係。最初的設計想法想要回歸人類操縱光線初始,也就是光的遮蔽。磚燈省去傳統開關的方式,利用一個不透光的空盒,把光源蓋住的意念來做到類似開關燈的效果,而這個盒子本身就成了操作光線的燈具。


The objective is to capture the moment of light - being concealed and revealed. This unique lighting design would turn a quotidian routine into an enriching experience, providing an unexpected, fun quality to a daily object.

Hsin-Chun Wang & Ye Liu (HCWD Studio) accomplished this by making a simplified and functional lamp, instead of a switch, light is activated when raised(on) and deactivated when laid flat(off). By creating the side facets, a natural handle is made and also directs the light when the brick sits on it’s sides.


2015 "German Design Award" : Nominated

2014 "Golden Idea" : Best furnishing design


尺寸 / Size:L19 x W13.5 x H4.2 (cm)

材質 / Material:木 / Wood

電量 / Battery:8000mAh / 5 hours usage

燈泡 / Light source : 3 Watt warm white LED light

電壓 / Input : 5V, 500mA~2A, 5.5/2.1mm DC connector & USB port

195 USD

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