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Wood St.


No.95~146 Ningxia St. Datong Dist., Taipei

從日治時代便是北部重要的木工產業和木料產業群聚,因此有「木材街」的稱號呼。目前仍有20家左右的木工裝修行、五金行、油漆行、木材行等營業。此區店家的業務和木工裝潢、裝修息息相關,是maker 尋找木頭材料,打樣的方便去處。

Since the period of Japanese rule, the district has been an important cluster for woodcraft and wood material industries. Currently there are still around 20 woodcraft shops, hardware stores, paint shops and wood shop in business. The services in this district are closely related to wood interior decorations and repairing. A good place for maker to search for materials and make samples.

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