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Balcony Objects x Play Design Hotel

設計師:劉軒慈 / DesignerAtelier Hsuantzu Liu



The lanes and alleys in the cities of Taiwan are full of tracks and traces of daily life. Iron window grill, metal roof, rooftop add-ons, and the abandoned pipelines and lead-outs, materialize the senses of the space with physical lines, materials, and shapes. As a form of unconscious co-work, these objects create a shared impression of our living environment. Play Design Hotel is located in the old street lane of Taiyuan Road in the Western Taipei. The objects mentioned above, together with the lights and shadows in the dawn and sunset, unintentionally decorate our back balcony in the past 40 years.






This year, we invited designer Atelier Hsuantzu Liu to create design objects for the antique balcony. The design objects include two plant-stands remodeled from the recycled iron windows, and two hanging tables for smoking. The tables are made from steel and designed as moveable; they are hung on the old pebble wash finis wall, for the smokers to hold drinks or lighter, enjoy both cigarette and the unique views of small alleys.


設計師:劉軒慈 / DesignerAtelier Hsuantzu Liu

吸菸桌製作加工:葉偉榮 / Tables made by Kenyon Yeh

鐵窗加工:向設計工作室 / Iron Plant Stand made by Shiang Design Studio

女兒牆洗石子:和泰大飯店 / Pebble wash finish wall by Hotai Hotel

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